Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Prince of Peace Green Tea

If any of you never had green tea, you have no idea what you are missing here. At first, it is bitter but once you get used to drinking it, it becomes second nature. There are even some variety of green tea leaves mixed with such as rose green tea that I have. I do not like that one one bit so going to give that away.

And then there is the jasmine green tea which I haven't had for quite some time. Jasmine green tea mixes in jasmine with green tea which is stated on the package too. For now, I have no company in mind but it sure helps to see them in asian markets and maybe check out your local ones as well but more so with asian ones.

If you love to try green tea, check out what your safeway store has to offer. Or whole foods. Or even tops food. See what they have to offer but if you can't stand green tea itself, add in honey which is the pure kind that doesn't have that fake high fructose corn syrup mixed in like i see from Kentucky Fried Chicken place has them.

Whatever you do, do not add in milk at all of cow's milk because it could cause your body to not absorb the iron and the milk blocks that absorption for sure. I never added milk into it. The closest thing would be either sugar or honey. Try this drink out because not only is it great for you but it's used to also to lose weight with as well. Instead of having sodas, try green tea to quench your thirst in conjunction with other stuff that you can think of.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Exercise Through Excellence Site

This is a link about a site that have to do with childhood obesity which is hitting the kids more than it did of more than a decade ago. Because I have a concern about this issue, I would like to talk more about this site. A personal trainer name Michael Seril made this organization for kids that need to be educated about exercise, fitness, and nutrition in order to live a much more productive life. It's not a diet kind of thing but it's a better way to live where through this practice, will benefit them in the long run.

There are ways to spread the word about this by donating, linking it to them and/or emailing to them. I am planning to donate some next month for sure since right now, things are starting to go better than when I started since late July of 2008.

If you want some more information, contact Michael Seril at the site and he can answer more since it is his organization. Together, we can beat childhood obesity where they can outlive us instead of them dying before our own time comes.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Greenmax's Products

I am not sure how many people know about this company but I love a few products that I tried and love having them everyday. They have yam multi-grain cereal, yam nutritious cereal, black bean cereal, etc. The few cereals that I mention are my favorite and I consume them on a daily basis. Not only are they healthy but taste great in my opinion.

They are available at many asian markets such as in chinatowns such as Seattle, New York (they have four. Go figure), San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc. I purchase them at my local Ranch 99 market that are located in Edmonds, WA. In case any of you have never ever been there, it is a big store. Edmond is located north of Seattle and there is no chinatown for the northern Seattle area. So that store is very convenient for me to go get all three of them. My local Central Market here in Shoreline/Seattle have that yam nutritious cereal which is my favorite out of all three.

If you would like to give this a try, check them out at your local asian market. If you do not know where they put them at, ask the clerk and the workers there. They should know what you are talking about if you mention the word "Greenmax" which is the company. The headquarter is located in Taiwan.

If you are wondering about the company's website, it is located at Greenmax company It seem like they were not done making it but at one time, it was accessible where I was able to see everything. For now, I do not see that they have stuff being posted with the exception of chinese words.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Luna Bars

Luna bars are everywhere now and they are for women athletes and people that workout. I don't get to try as many flavors as I want but I recently got to with two of my daughters (7 and 4) of two different flavors that I like.
I had tried other ones before but didn't go nuts which I don't remember what flavor they were but here are the ones that I tried yesterday with them.

Luna Vanilla Almond
This one is one of my new fave because it have that vanilla flavor with some almonds mixed in. Quinoa and amaranth are some of the whole grain ingredients mixed into it with 180 calories in a 1.69 oz bar. 40% are fat.

Luna Blueberry Bliss
Like the Vanilla Almond, they use whole grain such as quinoa and amaranth which they do that with all of the bars. 170 calories in a 1.69 oz bar. 40% are fat as well.

All of the bars are 70% organic and no hydrogenated ingredients unlike a majority of the bars that I have seen in regular grocery stores such as Safeway and Albertson. These are great for healthy and active women used for breakfast purposes but I think it is a good snack in place of some other ones when hunger strikes. You should definitely check out the company bars and see which one will be your favorite.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Welcome to my Fitness and Nutrition Blog

I had an idea today to do this despite that I have a few other ones currently in the works. I wanted to do this for my own benefit and to let others know what I think when it comes to nutritional products and fitness area. My idea here is to inform others of what I think so then they can benefit on what works for me.

I pretty much eat and drink healthy stuff for the most part but there were times when I am naughty. We all need to get that naughty area at least once a week so then we could eat properly for the most part. Once a week for one of the meals on a certain day would help a lot. People that doesn't stick to the plan usually have temptation and need some more time to work on what is needed to be done when it comes to getting in better shape and being healthy in the process.

My plans are to do reviews of products and stuff that have anything to do with nutrition and fitness area. Until then, have a nice day.