Saturday, January 31, 2009

Welcome to my Fitness and Nutrition Blog

I had an idea today to do this despite that I have a few other ones currently in the works. I wanted to do this for my own benefit and to let others know what I think when it comes to nutritional products and fitness area. My idea here is to inform others of what I think so then they can benefit on what works for me.

I pretty much eat and drink healthy stuff for the most part but there were times when I am naughty. We all need to get that naughty area at least once a week so then we could eat properly for the most part. Once a week for one of the meals on a certain day would help a lot. People that doesn't stick to the plan usually have temptation and need some more time to work on what is needed to be done when it comes to getting in better shape and being healthy in the process.

My plans are to do reviews of products and stuff that have anything to do with nutrition and fitness area. Until then, have a nice day.