Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Greenmax's Products

I am not sure how many people know about this company but I love a few products that I tried and love having them everyday. They have yam multi-grain cereal, yam nutritious cereal, black bean cereal, etc. The few cereals that I mention are my favorite and I consume them on a daily basis. Not only are they healthy but taste great in my opinion.

They are available at many asian markets such as in chinatowns such as Seattle, New York (they have four. Go figure), San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc. I purchase them at my local Ranch 99 market that are located in Edmonds, WA. In case any of you have never ever been there, it is a big store. Edmond is located north of Seattle and there is no chinatown for the northern Seattle area. So that store is very convenient for me to go get all three of them. My local Central Market here in Shoreline/Seattle have that yam nutritious cereal which is my favorite out of all three.

If you would like to give this a try, check them out at your local asian market. If you do not know where they put them at, ask the clerk and the workers there. They should know what you are talking about if you mention the word "Greenmax" which is the company. The headquarter is located in Taiwan.

If you are wondering about the company's website, it is located at Greenmax company It seem like they were not done making it but at one time, it was accessible where I was able to see everything. For now, I do not see that they have stuff being posted with the exception of chinese words.

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