Sunday, February 1, 2009

Luna Bars

Luna bars are everywhere now and they are for women athletes and people that workout. I don't get to try as many flavors as I want but I recently got to with two of my daughters (7 and 4) of two different flavors that I like.
I had tried other ones before but didn't go nuts which I don't remember what flavor they were but here are the ones that I tried yesterday with them.

Luna Vanilla Almond
This one is one of my new fave because it have that vanilla flavor with some almonds mixed in. Quinoa and amaranth are some of the whole grain ingredients mixed into it with 180 calories in a 1.69 oz bar. 40% are fat.

Luna Blueberry Bliss
Like the Vanilla Almond, they use whole grain such as quinoa and amaranth which they do that with all of the bars. 170 calories in a 1.69 oz bar. 40% are fat as well.

All of the bars are 70% organic and no hydrogenated ingredients unlike a majority of the bars that I have seen in regular grocery stores such as Safeway and Albertson. These are great for healthy and active women used for breakfast purposes but I think it is a good snack in place of some other ones when hunger strikes. You should definitely check out the company bars and see which one will be your favorite.

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